Tuesday, September 21, 2010



I will constantly be adding more and more scents so make sure you keep your eye out! these should be on my store no later than saturday or sunday!

Sunday, September 19, 2010


  I have placed all my orders for all the supplies I'll need for the new products. Now im waiting anxiously for it all to arrive! To be honest I got way carried away and have a ridiculous amount of stuff coming. I started off with only a few new products in mind to start with, and then I was going to slowly add more and more, but I just couldn't decide which products to get first and which products to get later! So I decided to get everything! I think the 2 things I personally am most excited about is making the bath salts and the heart wax melts( you burn these in a tart warmer  or in a scentsy warmer). I kept glancing around the supply website and I kept getting more and more ideas. I figured while im at it I might as well go ahead and make bath fizzies in my FAVORITE scent pink sugar! YUM! I ordered the stuff to make body sprays which I will be making as custom orders, in other words you guys will get to choose from my 80 plus fragrance oils! I will be doing the same thing with the bath salts as well! I also will be making shower gel that will come in adult scents and some fun scents for kiddos too. I'm also really excited about the jumbo lip balms that will come in fun scents like cotton candy, bubble gum and some other yummy scents! I know my kiddos will LOVE them! I will be making some huge batches of my regular size lip balms, some of the scents will include some yummy christmas scents!! Another thing I couldn't resist because I know my kiddos will love it is Bath confetti! it's fun for adults and kids! I ordered the stuff I need to put together some awesome gift sets that i'm sure you guys will enjoy! I will be giving some away to my own family as xmas presents :). And last but not least if you didnt already know, October is breast cancer awareness month, in honor of that I will have some Great bar soap that has the pink ribbon design on it, it will come in monkey farts scent! funny name! but smells amazing, its a blend of papaya, mango, kiwi,passion fruit, pineapple,and banana with a twist of bubble gum! A portion of a sales will go to help fight breast cancer!!!
  Im hoping all my supplies will arrive no later than this Thursday. Ive already begged my best friend to help me make all this stuff, so were going to devote ourselves to getting it all done! I will post the products on hyenacart.com/crystaltree as we get them completed! I hope that you guys give some of these products a try! alot of it will make some great stocking stuffers or even secret santa presents :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Crystaltree Bath & Body will be going through alot of changes within the next few weeks. I am trying to get rid of my inventory of natural bath products. I will still have the same lip balms, body scrub, foot scrub, stretch mark cream, body butter, body sprays, and rosemary mint foot cream, All the other stuff will be discontinued and there will be ALOT of new products taking their place! I will be making alot of new stuff in a huge variety of scents. Gift sets will be made in christmas scents and a variety of other scents and will come in a hot pink organza bag. I will be offering regular size lip balms, jumbo lip balms, lip balms in jars. I will also have home fragrance spray and shower gel. The shower gel will come in kid scents and adult scents. The fragrance sprays will be sold in sets of 3. they will be in 2 ounce bottles. As usual my stuff will be priced low, as low as I can price them without losing money :) Also I have paid a lady to kind of spice up my store website, and to make me a new logo thats fun and bright! I welcome any suggestions you may have :) The natural products are priced really cheap right now! Some as low as $1.75 please check out hyenacart.com/crystaltree! Keep checking back withing the next 2 weeks to see all the new fun stuff i'll have :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Fragrance oils

Im excited about all the fragrance oils I have coming! this means alot of new choices for body butter, body spray, lip balms and more! Are you curious what kind of scents will be arriving in my hyenacart store? Here's a list of them!

red tea
water blossom/ivy
sweet and sexy
peach and lotus
gypsy rose
jack frost
coconut lime
peppermint and eucalyptus
christmas tree
vanilla noel
white spice
buttermint candies
sandy rose
baby powder
chestnuts and brown sugar
sea moss
Asian amber
christmas cedar
very vanilla
cucumber mellon
Savannah Belle
hansel and grettels house
pink cupcake
amande cherry
sage and citrus
bee my honey
buttermilk bath
desert sage
rosemary mint
black cherry
grapefruit peppermint
iced oatmeal cookies
green tea and cucumber
china rain
white ginger and amber
lemongrass and sage
top bannana
green apple
sea mist
tropical sugar
lemon meringue
sweet cotton x2
sugar plum
summer hill
beach baby
crystal blue waters
cherry blossom
sugared cherries
christmas memories
green tea and mint
flirt n play
peach magnolia
love spell
cotton candy
warm vanilla
kiwi sunset
green clover and aloe
amazon mist
twilight dreams
pomegranate and fig
monkey farts
high voltage
candy cane
fresh laundry
green tea and mint
amber romance
citrus peach
pink grapefruit

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rosemary Foot Scrub & Rosemary Mint Foot Lotion

Today I added Rosemary foot scrub to my store. ( hyenacart.com/crystaltree)  I tested it out and loved it! I hope all of you will like it as much as me! Rosemary Mint Foot Lotion will be coming soon i'm just waiting for the ingredients I need to arrive so I can make it! I decided to make these two products because I had asked people what they would like to see  me sell and these were a few things that were suggested by more than one person. If there's something you would like to see on the hyenacart store please let me know. If it's something I can make I will do my best to do so.

Monday, August 30, 2010


Ive already gotten some great comments on my blog about my products! I'm so glad people are satisfied with my products. Please leave your comments here. I strive to make quality products that everyone will enjoy!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Coming soon......

Be sure to keep your eye out this coming week for lots of new products on our hyenacart store. www.hyenacart.com/crystaltree. Not only will we have new lip balm scents that I mentioned previously, but we will have Moisturizing Body Spray, Mama's Body Butter, and Exfoliating Body Scrub. These products won't be completely natural due to the fact that they will be scented with fragrance oils instead of essential oils, but everything else will be natural. There will be lots of scents to choose from. Fruity scents, and yummy scents, even some fall scents! Currently you can get 20% off your order when you enter Grand20 at checkout!

Friday, August 27, 2010

You may have noticed....

You may have noticed we have been having alot of giveaways on our facebook page.This is our way of letting everyone try the product before they have to commit to buy it. I love being able to give customers the chance to sample my products! I only ask one thing in return, please leave a review of our product here on our blog. Let us know what you think, if you like it please spread the word to your friends and family. Were just starting out, and satisfied customers are the best way to get the word out :)

Lip balm scents

I don't know about you but i'm a huge fan of lip balm!! That's why yesterday I ordered some new oils to make the following scents of lip balm,  Apple Cobbler, Lemon Sugar, Sweet Pumpkin, Fall Harvest, Birthday Cake, Pink Sugar, Cucumber Melon, and Fresh Floral Honeydew. I'm excited about making all these scents of lip balms! The lip balms should be arriving in my hyenacart store sometime next week so keep an eye out! And don't forget to watch for our giveaways on facebook!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Grand opening

Yesterday was the grand opening of our store on www.hyenacart.com/crystaltree. We are offering 10% off everything through Saturday with the discount code that's found on our online store. We will be having a giveaway on our facebook page once we hit 130 fans. So be sure to add us on facebook and suggest us to your friends. I have many new product ideas that I will start working on once we start getting a few more customers. I'm considering making natural laundry detergent, baby shampoo, and baby rash cream in a roll up tube so you don't have to get the cream all over your hands and under your fingernails. I'm always open to any suggestions as well. Thanks for reading this and please go check out our store!